Jan Krüger

This tagline is under construction, to be reopened January 1972

On the web
Personal blog, my music site (download my songs there), very old development projects
I'm also on Github.
I'm on Facebook and Twitter, too, but I don't actually do anything there... I'm just wasting space on their servers.
In the real world
Ravelsberger Str. 11
52146 Würselen
When contacting me on Jabber/Skype, please explain what you want to talk about when sending me a request. That makes it much easier for me to weed out spam. Note that I'm much easier to reach by e-mail.
Profile (w/ buzzwords)
Education and experience:
  • German and English (written and spoken, high level of proficiency, native German speaker)
  • analytic approach to problems based in critical rationalism
  • effective learning and building reliable intuition
  • professionally trained singer (just padding my resume here, notice how it doesn't say "good singer")
  • a lot of time at university (more padding... though I did get a bit of a degree out of this one)
  • communication and teaching
Personal interests: making music, singing, writing, cooking, meditation, design, occasionally bending computers to my will
Bonus section: computers
This is what I know things about:
  • computer science, data mining, machine learning, networks and protocols, software design, cryptography, compiler and language design
  • programming (mainly C, JavaScript, Perl, POSIX shell, also in no meaningful order: 80x86/6510 Assembler, C++ with Qt, C# with .NET, Erlang, Haskell, Java, OCaml, Perl6, PHP, Ruby...)
  • web (functional design, HTML/CSS, JavaScript, Perl, PHP, ...)
  • databases (PostgreSQL, SQLite, MDB, TokyoCabinet, ...)
  • digging around in codebases for seemingly intractable problems
Noteworthy open source experience:
  • Contributions to git and user support/community management in #git IRC channel (Freenode) since 2008; member of repo.or.cz admin/development team
  • Helped develop testMaker, a tool for creating web-based self-assessments
  • Contributor to various open source projects, including Foswiki
Things I don't enjoy working with:
  • straitjacket development tools (Java, MVC frameworks, JavaScript web application frameworks, UML, ...) – this category refers to tools that enforce a lot of structure without any significant benefits to show for it other than compensating for poor development practices
  • rickety development tools (PHP, ...) – this category refers to tools that make it excessively hard to write non-trivial stable software
  • Subversion