Song Fight! ZIP mirror

This is an archive of the MP3 files from Song Fight! (a recurring fast-paced songmaking competition) as ZIP files (one for each title).

The import procedure happens on request only. Past fights, in case we missed any, can be imported by using the corresponding "import" button. If the current fight is missing, or if the list of fights is even more incomplete, you can request an import of the current fight. The request page might take a while to load; have patience.

Bonus feature: generate forum markup for reviewing the current fight (as shown below, use the update link above if we're behind the times)

Archived rounds

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Direct downloads are limited; after a certain monthly quota all further downloads go through a separate download page which can't be circumvented. Sorry about that. On the bright side, there is no countdown timer or anything (except if you download multiple archives in a row).

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Quality control

Is there an old fight missing from the table? Or is it there but the "import" button doesn't work? Broken link? Let jast know.